Blue The sun is the best source of energy that there is. In only one hour, the sun can provide the earth with all the energy its inhabitants demand in a year. The sun can provide us with 10,000 times more than what we need, and it can also do this without any unpleasant side effects like the ones you get from fossil fuels such as ozone depletion and air pollution. And best of all, this resource will never run out, or at least it wont run out in the next 5 billion years or more.

As a resource, solar energy has many useful functions, mainly the generation of heat and light. The sun can also fly our planes, desalinate our water, and drive our cars. According to the U.S. based Union of Concerned Scientists, the energy we get from all of the worlds reserves of coal, natural gas, and oil, can be matched by only 20 days supply of sunshine and sunlight.

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Solar Energy Partnerships

If you equate the level of seriousness with which world governments treat solar power with the actual amount of solar energy generated around the world, the figures arent very reassuring.

Green Stuff

Benefits of Solar Partnerships

  • Harmless No Pollution; Harmless to the environment
  • Plentiful Renewable Resource
  • Solar Studies Solar Power Technology is improving consistently

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